Vision Interface video Converter

Vision Interface
video Converter

The Camport Video Converters can be used to connect cameras with previous generation vision interfaces such as Camera Link or PAL/NTSC to frame grabbers and other devices through the state- of-the-art CoaXPress, GigE Vision and USB-3 Vision interfaces. The camerawillbe connected to the converter using the older style interface and connect the frame grabber to the converter with the newer style interface.

 (Figure: Euresys s.a.)

(Figure: Euresys s.a.)

The converters are designed to minimize latency by specially optimizing transmission time to avoid delays and are also compatible with third party software libraries including Matlab, Labview, Halcon, Sapera, VisionPro, StreamPix and TroublePix.

Euresys s.a.

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